You’d think it was Christmas around here with the new coffee machine installed!! Everyone is so excited and loving the options!!!
— Darcy | People Ops Coordinator

They were great to work with. And when I paid the bill, the woman on the other end, I believe Amber, was super chipper and happy and very pleasant to talk to. 10/10 would recommend and do it again. :D
— Sydrick - Salt Lake City

These people are some of the most trustworthy and worthwhile members of the coffee and water industry I’ve ever met. I’ve never had a problem with them, and it’s obvious they actually care about each and every single one of their customers. All in all, they treat their customers like family, and their hardware/services exceed anything I’ve ever seen in the Salt Lake community and beyond. I’ve seen these guys in almost every car dealership, dental office, whatever. They’re crushing it! Use these guys because they totally rock!
— Sam - Salt Lake City

Best Company, Great People, awesome service! Very caring, honest and fun Team!
— Debbie from Waterlogic

Good people, great company:)
— Barbara - Salt Lake City

We have been working with Gold Cup Services for approximately 2 years now and have been an amazing company to work with.   They are quick to help on any concerns or issues that we have, they give exceptional customer service and would recommend them to anyone for their products and services.
— Melinda / Branch Manager