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Area of Service

  • Our main office is located in Salt Lake City UT and we have branch offices in St George UT and Las Vegas NV.

  • We deliver to most of Utah along the I-15 corridor from Idaho to Las Vegas including Park City, Vernal, & Kanab. We have grown our area over the last 25 years so if you are outside of our current area, it’s always worth asking.

When will my account representative come by for my delivery?

  • Most coffee accounts are on a every two week regular delivery schedule.

  • FYI - we don’t overstock our customers. Our route guys will work with your staff to create a “par” level, keeping you stocked, but not over-stocked!

  • If you are a Bean to Cup customer, you will probably see your "rep" once a week.

  • Water systems only need to be monitored every 90 days. We will test your water, sanitize the machine and about every 12 months we will service the filtration system.

Lifetime Price Guarantee and Contracts

There is never a need to sign a 5 year contract. If a water company tells you that they are going to guarantee your price but you'll need to sign a contract, please know that since 1994 we have never raised a customer's water system price unless they upgraded their system. 5 year contracts are often sold to a financing company and it becomes easy for that water company to ignore the customer. We own our water equipment and we strive to earn your business everyday. We do have a 1 year agreement that protects the installation and the agreement is month to month thereafter.

Authorized Dealers

Gold Cup Services wins top awards every year for being one of the largest authorized dealers of Water Logic, Iguasso, Follett, International H2O, and PHSI water systems in the United States. For coffee equipment, we are certified to service and install the following brands: Bunn, Cafection, Curtis, de Jong DUKE, Newco, VKI and WMF.


The word Service is part of our name for a reason... It's what we do! Gold Cup has been in the service industry since 1994 and we continue to win customers every month, with a handshake and a promise to take care of our customers. Again if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please let us know.

Price increases

We carefully monitor what our suppliers are charging us and work hard on your behalf to get the best deal we can on the products that we offer. Occasionally prices do go up and we need to make adjustments.
Have you seen the price of hamburger lately?

When is my bill due?

We send invoices out at the end of every month via email. If you would like a paper statement, there is a $2.95 fee. All invoices are due and payable within 30 days. Of course we are better able to keep our prices down if our customers pay in a timely manner.

Consumer Protection: We are in the service industry taking care of our customers and providing the best service possible. Unfortunately there are companies who do not treat customers with the fiduciary responsibility required by law. If you as a customer feel as though you have been taken advantage by false, or misleading business practices, the Division of Consumer Protection provides consumers with a voice. dcp.utah.gov/cf

We are grateful for all of our family of customers and if you would like to join us, click the link below. Thank you.