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We deliver locally roasted coffee, pure filtered water, and snacks to your office and food service facility. Serving businesses in Utah, Idaho, & Nevada, since 1994. 801-486-3714

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Gold Cup Services has been known for integrity, fair prices, and basically doing what we say we're going to do since 1994.

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Locally Roasted Coffee 

The Salt Lake City and surrounding areas are known for beautiful landscapes, a clean city, and an entrepreneurial spirit. We've been roasting coffee since 1994 and we use only the latest technology of Loring smokeless roasters. These computer controlled coffee roasters allow us to control our roasting profile at a micro level for very consistent results. Our two brand badges are Snow Canyon Coffee and Silver Bean Coffee. Together we roast and deliver 12+ varieties of single origin and various blends of coffee, from light roast to French Roast.


No long term Contracts

Our filtrated reverse osmosis water systems are meant to do one thing. Provide you the best tasting water and ice for your office. Purified drinking water is vital to your health and wellness. What we refer to as point of use water dispensers, we tap into your existing culinary water and give you hot, cold, and ambient pure water. With advanced filtration technology our POU water systems alleviate the need for 5 gallon bottles. The tiny filter that is included with most refrigerators will never equal the robust water filtration that our water systems provide. Reverse Osmosis removes chlorine, chloramine, fluoride, lead, nitrates, sulfates, pesticides, and more.


Lavit - Sparkling Water and Beverages

Welcome to the "Cooler Water Cooler". Lavit provides your office with still or sparkling carbonated and filtered water for your office. But wait, there's more. Now available we have 16+ beverages including Green Tea, Arizona Teas, and Renewable Energy. All drink capsules are fully recyclable. Low or no sugar, 10 calories or less, natural flavors...why should coffee drinkers have all the fun?