Lavit - sparkling, tasty, cold beverages

Why should coffee drinkers have all the fun? Introducing the "cooler" water cooler.

* Still and sparkling water

* 16 flavors, easy push button operation

* 100% recyclable capsules

* 10 calories or less

* Enriched with essential vitamins and minerals

* No preservatives or artificial flavors

* Easy monthly rental with no long term contract - Call Now For a Demo 801-486-3714

"At Lavít, we transform water into pure wonder – allowing anyone to create refreshing single-serve better-for-you cold beverages on demand from the world’s first easy-to-recycle capsules (EcoCaps™). Our revolutionary Cooler Water Cooler™ is personalizing the way people stay hydrated where they work, shop, and soon, where they live. Simply choose water or craft the beverage of your choice in seconds exactly as you want it – choose still or sparkling, adjust flavor intensity, even customize the carbonation level. Choose from brands you know and those you will discover and love – all with zero preservatives and just 10 calories or less per 12-ounce serving. And for every beverage made, Lavit ensures a day of safe drinking water for someone in need". Learn more at